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Company health program

In this day and age of ‘movement poverty’, more and more do we conclude that a shortage of body movement, too little variety in working load, and reduced capacity leads to the inability to work, and reduced functioning. The aim of the company health program is to improve fitness and health of the individual employee, by focusing on personalized safe body movement and advise.

It is a preventive program which tries to prevent both general, and specific work related health problems, by motivating a healthy life style. The target group consists of employees with shortage of body movement, without specific health problems. Every participant gets a screening and a fitness test in order to determine the starting level and to set up an individual training program. In addition,, additional health education and individual counselling will play a role in improvement of a better life style.

Living is moving. Move better now!
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The most important features are:

A preventive training program for prevention of absenteeism

Meant for employees with a lack of (specific) physical exercise or reduced taxability

Suited for the individual employee who wants to focus on improving taxability

Suited for groups (target groups, departments of a company, or the whole company)

No noncommittal exercise, but a complete program with clear and measurable goals

Customized programs, focused on employee-specific activities

Progressive scheme:


Individual intake, overall fitness test and screening at the beginning

Setting up an individual training program

Individual counselling

Group counselling about specific subjects (back, neck, posture, working place, etc.) .

Interim evaluations, and if needed adjustment of the program





Guidance by physiotherapists

A report on overall fitness and health within the company is a possibility

If the information above has made you curious and you would like to have more information, we would be happy to explain anything to you personally. In addition, we can make a quotation for you. If you have other questions in the field of prevention and treatment do not hesitate to contact us. It is possible to get consult and advice within two working days.

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