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Flywheel training

Flywheel training, also known as inertia training or kinetic training, uses a flywheel technology which was developed at the prestigious Karolinska Institute (Sweden). Among other purposes, this technology is used by NASA because it enables astronauts to train in a weightless environment.

In flywheel training, the weights of the traditional strength training equipment are replaced by a flywheel, which is mounted on an axle. Around this axle, a cord is winded of which the end is pulled by the patient. The flywheel works kind of like a yo-yo: the harder you pull, the more resistance is given and the harder the flywheel reverses.

Flywheel training is therefore about accelerating and decelerating a spinning disc. With concentric movement, the patient pulls the flywheel in activation unwinds the cord. If the cord is totally unwound, the flywheel automatically winds the cord again. This back movement has to be slowed down to zero. The eccentric resistance, or overload, which is accomplished here, is not accessible with traditional strength training. Therefore, every repetition is maximally effective, concentric as well as eccentric. This is exceptional and creates a quick increase of muscle function and power.

In our practice we use the Kineticbox and the Versapully for flywheel training.


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