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Manual Therapy

A manual therapist is a physical therapist who has completed a training in manual therapy in addition to a training in physical therapy. During this training, the therapist gained expertise in movement possibilities of the body, and more specifically of the spine. Because of this specialized training, the manual therapist is experienced in assessing the cause of the symptoms. This way, the therapist can propose a personalized solution for every different body.

The aim of manual therapy is on the one hand to improve joint function, and on the other hand to improve posture and movement. The manual therapist uses a couple of specific techniques that can be applied at the joints. In most cases, the effects of manual therapy are immediately noticeable: you will feel an improvement in movement freedom, and a decrease in pain.The treatment program of a manual therapist further exists of giving good instructions, advice, guidance and insight in healthy movement.

Living is moving. Move better now!
When do you go to a manual therapist?

If you are not able to move a joint well, or if you experience joint pain, manual therapy could offer a solution. The effects of manual therapy are often noticeably directly after the first treatment. Joints are functioning better and moving gets easier.

Examples of symptoms that can be treated by a manual therapist:

  • Head and neck pain in combination with bad moving of the spine

  • Neck and shoulder pain with radiation to the arms

  • Higher back pain, possibly in combination with rib and chest pain

  • Lower back pain, with or without radiation to the legs

  • Dizziness when moving the neck

  • Jaw pains, possibly in combination with neck pain

  • Hip pains


After the examination during the first appointment, your physiotherapist will already tell you the way your complaint can be resolved. This way you will have clarity about the course of the rest of the treatment immediately.


Method manual therapist

Intake: fast clarity

After a first screening your first appointment will exist out of two parts: an interview, and a physical examination. In the interview the manual therapist will ask you a couple of questions about your symptoms, for example, the origination of your symptoms, and when they seem to progress or reduce. This will be followed by a physical examination, where the manual therapist examines your posture and movements, and investigates your joints. This way the cause of the symptoms can be determined. In consultation with the patient, the manual therapist will decide if manual therapy is the way to go. This way you will have clarity about the rest of the treatment, already during the first appointment.



The manual therapist knows specific techniques that can be applied to the joints, in order to improve function, posture and movement. The rest of the manual therapist’s treatment program will exist of giving instructions, advice, guidance and insight in healthy moving.


Declaration of treatment

If possible, declarations will go directly to your health insurance. For an overview of the health insurances that we have an agreement with, click here. For treatments, services, or goods that are not covered by your insurance policy, or when you are not insured by one of the health insurances in the list above, you will receive a declaration from us conform to the rates list.

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