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Consultation office hours

Until further notice there will be no consultation office hours due to the Corona virus.

Do you have physical complaints or an injury, and would you like to receive personalized advice?

In this case the consultation office hours are perfect for you.

This consultation is free of charge and without obligations!

Consultation office hours:

  • Tuesday          17:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday        12:30 - 13:30

During office hours your complaints will be assessed by a physiotherapist by means of a screening. This screening involves a consultation and possibly a short investigation. The consult will take a maximum of 10 minutes. Consultation in office hours does not include treatment. After the screening, the physiotherapist will give you advice and will discuss with you what would be the best follow-up. Should the screening reveal that physiotherapy is necessary for you, you can get an appointment within two days, even without a reference.


If the times mentioned above are not attainable for you but you would still like to have advice free of obligation, please contact us.

Call: +31(0)10 404 89 49 for information and/or appointment
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