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Sports physical therapy

The sports physiotherapist concerns his- or herself with prevention, consultancy, and treatment of patients with sports-related injuries in different age categories, and with singular, multiple, or complex health problems.
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The therapist focuses on daily functioning of the patient in all his or her facets, and in particular sports participation. The therapist contributes to the total of activities that is needed to positively influence underlying issues, and ensures that the athlete is in his or her best physical, psychological, and social condition.


All this is focused on bringing the athlete to their desirable, and highest possible level of sports activities.


The sports physiotherapist works together closely with general practitioners, other physiotherapists, and sports doctors and surgeons. The social environment, trainers, coaches and other potential professional care takers are all part of the care around the athlete and patient.


In sports physical therapy, it is characteristic that the goals are less focused on lesions. The main goal is to influence limitations and participation during the practice of sport activities, both recreational, match, and top sport.


The distinction of sports physiotherapists is mostly the specific knowledge and skills they possess, that are essential for sports revalidation. The decisions the therapist makes on specific actions are scientifically based (evidence based practice), based on experience in the practice, and based on guidelines for (sports) physical therapy.


The sports physiotherapist is, with his or her specific competences, able to adjust physiotherapeutic actions to the level of the athlete and patient. During this process he or she monitors the (exercise) physiological biomechanically processes that play a role in the health issues at hand, and which are needed to perform at the old/optimal sport level again.


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Declaration of treatment

If possible, declarations will go to your health insurance directly. For an overview of the health insurancesthat we have an agreement with, click here.

For treatments, services, or goods that are not covered by your insurance policy, or when you are not insured by one of the health insurances in the list above, you will receive a declaration from us, conform to the rates list.


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