Roland van der Heijden MA

Physiotherapist / Manual Therapist
RIBIZ / BIG-nummer: 89033809604


I have been a physiotherapist since 1987, and am a licensed manual therapist since 1993. After gaining the necessary work experience in a revalidation centre and private practices, I started this practice in the Groothandelsgebouw in 1995. With the gained knowledge and skills by schooling, courses, and practice experience, I would like to help you with your complaints.

Eddy Nielsen

RIBIZ / BIG-nummer: 39034564204


I completed my training as a general physiotherapist in 1990 at the Academy for Physiotherapy in Rotterdam. Since then I have worked in various practices in the Rotterdam region.

Within the profession as a physiotherapist I have an affinity with the psychosomatic aspects of having complaints of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to being a physiotherapist, I am a double bass player.

Marc Berrevoets
RIBIZ / BIG-nummer: 29923589204


werkplekadviseur Marc Berrevoets (002).j

I enjoy working on Saturdays for Physio- and Manual therapy "Groot handelsgebouw". As a physiotherapist I mainly see people with work-related problems. Usually it comes down to neck, shoulder, arm or back pain.

During the week I mainly provide ergonomic advice or help with the delivery of special custom, work and office chairs.

If you have an appointment with me, you can count on a committed physiotherapist who will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Make an appointment now.  Call: +31(0)10 404 89 49