Roland van der Heijden MA

Physiotherapist / Manual Therapist
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I have been a physiotherapist since 1987, and am a licensed manual therapist since 1993. After gaining the necessary work experience in a revalidation centre and private practices, I started this practice in the Groothandelsgebouw in 1995. With the gained knowledge and skills by schooling, courses, and practice experience, I would like to help you with your complaints.

Lotte Lafeber MSc
Physiotherapist / Sports Physiotherapist / Manual Therapist i.t.
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I finished my education in physiotherapy in the year 2013 in Rotterdam. I have been working in this practice since. In June 2018 I’ve completed a master for sports physiotherapy. Because of this I’m able to help athletes even better in prevention of injuries, and revalidation after injuries. To optimize the care for patients with spine related problems, I’ve started a master for manual therapy in September 2018. The patient’s personal needs during treatment are important to me. Therefore,  I design a treatment plan in co-operation with each patient. This way, we are working towards a positive result together.

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