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Reintegration / rehabilitation tracks

We offer reintegration and rehabilitation tracks where we work according to a clear protocol/action plan:
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  • Assessment of symptoms (disorders, limitations and participation problems)

  • Overall fitness test

  • Screening limiting factors to improvement (internal and external)

  • Formulate sub- and end goals

  • Set up treatment/training program

  • Advise and report to employer

  • Intervention (physical therapy; manual therapy; paramedic training therapy)

  • Interim evaluations, and if needed adjustment of the program

  • Final report

If the information above has made you curious, and you would like to have more information, we will happily illustrate on any information personally. In addition, we can make a quotation for you. If you have other questions on prevention and/or treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. It is possible to get a consult and advice within two working days.

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