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Physical therapy

Almost three million people, young and old, find their way to the physiotherapist annually. Their motivation can be pain symptoms resulting from work or sports. It is also possible these symptoms are due to wrong movement habits, an accident, an illness, or just from getting older.

With the help of a physiotherapist you will be moving smoothly again soon

The physiotherapist will listen to your reasons for coming and your wishes for improvement. You will look together at your physical condition, and improvement opportunities. With advice and exercise he or she will help you to move freely again. This way you will take all you can get out of life.

Living is moving. Move better now!
Physical therapy at home

Are you not able to come to us?

In the following areas of Rotterdam we can come to you: Centrum, Provernierswijk, Blijdorp, Agniesebuurt, Noord, Bergpolder, Liskwartier en, Oude Noorden. If you are insured for physiotherapy at home, and you have a reference from the doctor for home physiotherapy, the costs will be covered by your health insurance.


Declaration of treatments

Declarations for physical therapy and/or manual therapy treatments that are covered by your insurance policy will go to them directly, provided we have an agreement with that insurance company. Click here for an overview of health insurances that we have an agreement with.

For treatments, services, or goods that are not covered by your insurance policy, or when you are not insured by one of the health insurances in the list above, you will receive a declaration from us conform to the rates list below.

Make an appointment now.  Call: +31(0)10 404 89 49

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